Helpful resources

As we deal with the current pandemic, these resources might help. Call us if you are dealing with something that is not addressed below. We may be able to find help somewhere. Check back -- this list will be updated. 

Help with meals:

Meals on Wheels-

Onondaga County- (315) 478-5948

Madison County- (315) 697-5777

Oswego County- (315) 598-4712

Jefferson County- (315) 785-3191


Emergency Meal Hotline- (315) 218-1987


Food Bank of CNY- (315) 437-1899

Catholic Charities- (315) 457-3807 (Emergency assistance and food pantry)


Or try 211 here  or call 1-844-245-1922 for help with food and a variety of services.

AARP just posted a great article on coronavirus scams: there are lots of companies who are trying to make a buck off of the current crisis. Cures and treatments for sale, products like surgical masks, information about stocks -- you name, someone is trying to scam you with it. Read the article here. 

Ibuprofen? Not much evidence that it's harmful for treating coronavirus: You may have heard you should not take ibuprofen if you think you have the coronavirus. NPR spoke to some experts, and this doesn't seem to be true. Read the article here

Info on the symptoms of covid-19 from the CDC here


Meal Delivery: Older adults in Onondaga County can call 315-218-1987 if they need meals delivered or other help because they are staying home to avoid coronavirus. has a variety of resources and services you can look for in Central and Northern NY. 

If you don’t have a  doctor and have questions, symptoms, or may have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, call Upstate University Hospital's Triage Line at 315-464-3979 you will be advised about testing.  Lines are open 24 hours.

On Facebook: COVID-19 Onondaga County Neighbors Helping Neighbors. If you need assistance in a variety of ways you can check out this page and there are people willing to help. 

Many stores have shopping hours for seniors: Times vary by stores so be sure to check with your local store. 

  • Stop & Shop has set aside special early morning shopping hours for seniors.

  • Dollar General has set aside the first hour of shopping every day for seniors. 

  • Tops Friendly Supermarkets will be open daily from 6 a.m.-10 p.m. with the first hour of shopping for seniors only.

  • Price Chopper and Market 32 stores will be open from 7 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. with the first hour of business for seniors only. 

  • Target has reduced hours nationwide to close by 9 p.m. and the first hour each of shopping every Wednesday will be dedicated to the elderly.

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