Monthly Potlucks:

Syracuse : 2nd Sunday, 4 pm

4 pm: social time, 5 pm program, 6 pm: dinner

CNY Philanthropy Building, 431 E. Fayette St. in Syracuse. 

Utica: 2nd Saturday, 5 pm

Utica Unitarian, 10 Higby Rd. in Utica. 


Oswego, 4th Sunday, 2 pm

Change in December: meeting 12/29

Trinity Methodist, 45 E. Utica St. in Oswego.

January Potlucks:

On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi.

This short documentary follows Ruth and Roman Blank -- Nani and Popi  --  who survived the concentration camps of Nazi Germany, then came to America to marry, raise a family and live their lives.  At the age of 95, Popi shares his long kept secret with the family  -- he’s gay. Though Nani had a notion this was the case, it was still shocking news. As they prepare for their 65th wedding anniversary, the couple looks back on their lives and wonders what could have been, if only they’d lived in a world devoid of homophobia. 

Syracuse potluck, Sunday 1/12, 4 pm (movie starts at 5)

Oswego potluck, Sunday 1/26, 2 pm

SAGE Upstate Center
431 E Fayette St. #050
Syracuse, NY 13202

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