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SAGE Upstate promotes the well-being of older gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in Central New York through health programs, socials, support groups, & education. 

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Heart Disease

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CNY Gay 5K



Webinars, exhibits & more

The SAGE Upstate Board Development Committee has nominated a slate of new board members. See them and read their bios on the Board/Staff page here

Do you have skills or interest to to contribute to SAGE programs, outreach, or fundraising? We could use your help. More  here


See SAGE Upstate's Antiracism statement here.

Would you like to join us in this work? Email Kim here

  The first initiative in SAGE Upstate's Antiracism project will be the establishment of a White Allies Discussion group. Participants will read Waking Up White by Debby Irving (provided by SAGE), watch videos and read articles, then discuss the concepts of racism and antiracism as they apply to our lives. We will look at our differences and also shared beliefs in an effort to understand how cultural racism affects us and how we benefit from white privilege. Lucy Twichell, who brings with her skills and experience from her work with the National Coalition Building Institute, will lead this effort. 
     SAGE Upstate's Antiracism Statement calls on us to actively work to remove all barriers to equitable and full participation in SAGE Upstate. We as individuals and as an organization can strive toward this goal by moving beyond practicing unintended racism to practicing antiracism. The White Ally group is the first step and the initiative will evolve as participants weigh in. 
     Things you should know: The White Ally group will be a safe space  -- what is said in the group will stay there. We encourage people to speak their truth, to actively listen, and respect what others bring to the group. We also acknowledge that though participants may be challenged to move outside of their comfort zone, we ask for a commitment to attend all sessions when people sign up. If you are interested, please contact Kim at 315-478-1923 or kdill@sageupstate and we will keep you up to date as the plans move forward. Thank you in advance to all who participate -- this work will be the beginning of organization-wide change.    

Registration is now open.

Virtual CNY Gay 5k: June 12 - 30



What: The CNY Gay 5K is designed to celebrate our Central New York community and raise funds for SAGE Upstate. Last year the event raised more than $10,000. Participants register to complete a 5K (3 mile) run or walk.

When: You can register any time between NOW and June 30. You can complete your 5k any time between June 12 and June 30.

Where: Anywhere you want -- your neighborhood, a park, downtown ... the possiblities are endless. Last year people in CNY, across New York, in other states and other countries completed the 5k wherever they were.

How: Go to and register online. The donation is $20. When you do your 5k, take pics and post them on facebook

Why: Well, getting outside and moving is good for you. It's a cure for pandemic-induced cabin fever too. You'll also be helping SAGE Upstate provide programs for older LGBT people. 

And you get a t-shirt!  People who register by June 1 will get their t-shirt in time

to wear it when they do their 5k. Those who register in June will get their t-shirt after

June 30. There will be opportunities to pick up your shirt, or it will be mailed to your door. 

Second Sunday in April

Watch it here!

Musical Guest Melissa Clark and Fitness with Barb Genton

Community Building Sponsor

Wondering whether you should sign up for the Falls Prevention Fitness Class? 

Here's a video of the February 22 class led by Barb Genton, and some comments from participants in the class. You can find instructions for logging in or calling in to the class, which is held on Mondays and Fridays at 11 am, on the calendar page here

Falls Prevention Fitness

How to stay heart healthy

It's easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless in the current era -- lots happening and no clear solutions. But we do have power -- we can get vaccinated to protect us from COVID. And -- we can protect ourselves against the leading cause of death in the US -- heart disease. Here are some tips on decreasing your risk -- read or listen to the whole article here at NPR. 


Establish a baseline:  Get a baseline reading of blood pressure, average blood sugar and cholesterol levels from your doctor and assess your risk. 

Set a healthy weight goal: Weight has a big impact on heart health, and being overweight can also increase you risk for high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, and high cholesterol. Find out your current BMI and work toward your goal. 

MOVE! There are so many benefits of exercise of exercise, and it also conditions the heart like other muscles in the body. If you're looking for a fun way to do this, check out SAGE's fitness class on Mondays and Fridays at 11. 

Quit smoking: It's never too late to do this. Stopping means an instant drop in risk for heart disease.

Don't delay getting medical attention for symptoms.  Despite the pandemic, this is something to leave your house for -- and you can do it safely by wearing a mask and observing social distance guidelines. 

Call 911 if you have: chest pain, weakness or passing out, shortness of breath or sudden pain in the arms or jaw.

Make a doctors appointment if you have:  mild, intermittent chest discomfort or shortness of breath with normal activities, new or severe acid reflux, sudden or unexplained nausea or fatigue. These symptoms are more suspicious for anyone over 50 and women. 



Vaccines are now available for people age 16 and older

Click on the link for your area or use the phone number provided

Onondaga County  or 315.464.3979 (option #2)

Cayuga County or 315-253-1560

Cortland County or (607) 756-3415

Jefferson County or (315)786-3770

Lewis County or 315-377-2000

Madison County or 315-366-2770

Oneida County or 315-798-5439

Oswego County or 315-349-3545

New York State or 1-833-NYS-4-VAX (1-833-697-4829)

Madison County NY Connects

Madison County NY Connects offers free, easy and local access to information and assistance for Madison County residents exploring available options for long term care, regardless of age or income. NY Connects can answer questions about how you can receive long term care, or how to take care of aging parents. They can also help with: finding services to care for a family member with a disability, covering the costs of care, how to determine whether parents need assisted living, a nursing home, or some other alternative, and options for respite care when caregivers need to be away.  NY Connects Madison County serves Older Adults, Adults with Disabilities, Children with Disabilities, Families, Caregivers, and Professionals. They offer services that include Home Health Care, Community Based Support and Services, Nutrition, Transportation, and Residential Care. For answers to these questions and more please contact us at 315-697-5700 or 800-342-9871 or 315-697-3092.

Cayuga County: Classes on Medicare

Are you turning 65 soon and overwhelmed by all the mail, calls and Medicare options? Cayuga County offers complimentary monthly classes to help you make sense of Medicare. Classes cover:  original Medicare, Supplemental and Advantage plans, free and low cost preventive care under Medicare, how Part D drug plans work,. You'll also learn whether you may qualify for programs that provide premium and co pay assistance through Medicare Savings Program, Extra Help, or EPIC. Classes are virtual (zoom and call in options available); class materials will be mailed to you, and help using Zoom is available. The current schedule is April 6 th 2pm-4pm, and May 4 th 3pm-5pm, June 8 th 12pm-2pm. Registration is required. For more information or to register, please call the Cayuga County Office for the Aging at 315-253-1226, or visit our website at under the News & Activities section.​


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