SAGE Upstate promotes the well-being of older gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in Central New York through health programs, socials, support groups, & education. 


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Tuesday with Trish

For Your Health

staying safe in your car during winter weather

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See SAGE Upstate's Antiracism statement here. To participate in our Antiracism initiative, contact Kim at kdill@sageupstate.org

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For Your Health

Stay safe in your car during severe weather conditions

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You may have heard about the people who were stuck in their cars on the Interstate in Virginia. Temperatures were below freezing and they were there for 20 hours. Hopefully nothing this drastic will happen to you this winter, but all drivers should think about what they would do if it happened. The slideshow below offers some suggestions; Read more at NPR here.


Would you be ready for a weather emergency in your car?

Find more on health issues  here

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SAGE Upstate News

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Tuesday With Trish: Every 3rd Tuesday

Join Trish this month on Tuesday, January 18, 6:00 pm

Every third Tuesday, SAGE Upstate Neighborhood Advisor Trish Johnson will offer a program covering wellness issues. Topics for this month include HEAP,  decluttering, and finding fun things to do while at home. There will also be a chance for socializing. 

Find call in and log in information on the calendar page here

Happy New Year! Let's make 2022 Fabulous!

We're in another surge of COVID cases. It might be better in a few months, but we've thought that before. As 2022 started, we decided not to wait around to see what the pandemic was going to look like. We'll start remotely, then sometime (we hope) we'll meet in person. Either way, it's going to be fabulous.

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Here's how you can participate:

Boost Your Brainpower 

Feel Better

Get your sleep. Here are some tips from the Mayo Clinic, the National Institute on Aging, and the Sleep Foundation

Move! Try SAGE Upstate's exercise class (call in and log in info here). Since SAGE stopped in person meetings, people from the walking group are out there still, on their own. Contact Kim at kdill@sageupstate.org to find out more.

Play some brain games here at AARP


Find out more about free online learning here

 or try OASIS (there is some cost) here 

Try meditation -- learn how here

Many free sites offer guided meditation like this one 

The program "Overdrive" allows you to borrow ebooks and audio books at local libraries -- all you need

is a library card. Find out more here

SAGE also has a large lending library. We are working

on ways to let people borrow while the center is closed. Until we get there, contact Kim at kdill@sageupstate.org

to set something up now. 

One more thing: though we are starting these activities online, we hope

to transition to in person events when it is safe to do so. 

Do it with your SAGE friends

We are working on several ideas to bring SAGERs together for this work. This will include programs Nd groups on Zoom and social media. What works for you?

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Things you might not know about

Martin Luther King Jr

There's so much to remember about Martin Luther King Jr -- his tireless activism, his ability to bring the issue of racism to the forefront of public dialogue during an era of violence and discrimination, and his everlasting imprint on social change. He seemed like a saint or warrior of mythic proportions. But he was man, and that makes all that he accomplished even more amazing. He delivered one of the most famous speeches in modern history, but got a "C" in public speaking. He was a Doctor of Theology who loved Star Trek. Find out more at Mental Floss here.