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SAGE Upstate works actively to offer an environment that is free of bias and which welcomes and affirms all people. By honoring the fullness of each individual’s being, SAGE seeks to remove all barriers to equitable and full participation. At this time in our culture, doing this work necessitates that we are anti-racist as individuals and as an organization.

Angela Davis said, “In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist”.  Peaceful protestors around our nation are calling on us to remember that Black Lives Matter.  Believing that discrimination and mistreatment are wrong are necessary first steps, but are not enough on their own. The time for silence is over -- we must speak out, stand up, and work to build an anti-racist society, starting with ourselves, and starting with SAGE Upstate.

As a marginalized community, we understand what it means to be thought of as less-than because of our sexual orientation and/or gender identity. This makes anti-racist efforts even more important for us.  No one is free while some are oppressed. SAGE Upstate is committed to the ongoing work of practicing anti-racism, which includes:

  • Ongoing efforts to create and sustain an environment free of bias 

  • Challenging discriminatory language and actions when we see them

  • Educating each other, and holding each other accountable

  • Never stopping this work; always seeking new ways of addressing conditions in which some groups are hurt while others benefit from systemic oppression

  • Taking our efforts outside of the organization to join with Black Lives Matter and others working for long-term transformational change


Approved by the SAGE Upstate Board, August 2020

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