Sage Upstate Board

The Sage Upstate Board of Directors sets the goals and vision for the organization, sets policy, and maintains the financial stability of the organization. The board meets monthly, and members chair and serve on committees that do the work of the organization. If you are interested in nominating someone (including yourself) to serve on the board, please contact our office at 315-478-1923.

2021 Nominees from the SAGE Upstate Board Development Committee:

Amy Bartell

Crystal Collette

Leslie Lamb

Branwen Drew

Rita Gram

Margaret Himley

These individuals (see bios here) will join the board at the May 2021 meeting, and will serve with these continuing board members:

Forest Antrum

Dan Bishop-Basler

Willard Doswell

Gary Fitzgerald

Kelvin Willams

Continuing Board Members

Thank you to these Board Members cycling off after two terms: 

Bob Bezy

Vivian Chapellier

Vivian Derrickson

Greg Lewis

Rob Pusch


Executive Director
Kim Dill

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