Want to try tapping?

SAGE recently held a session with Susan White to introduce a technique called Tapping, which can be used to work through the feelings that come up for white allies when they confront their own relationship to racism. If you missed it, you can see a shorter introduction by Susan in the "Deepening Our Humanity" workshop video here. Susan will lead a  monthly group if there is interest -- if you would be interested in participating in such a group, email Kim here. 

December Second Sunday: A Holiday Celebration

2nd Sunday in December: Holiday Celebration

If you missed our "Classical, Comical, and Traditional Holiday Celebration," the Second Sunday event in December -- you can still see it here. The event featured music Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons," and other holiday favorites, including a new one by Joe Downing. Writer's group members Tim Lattimore, Cindy Perrine, and Anthony Ragonese shared readings too, and we all got together after the progam for "Table Hopping." The next Second Sunday With SAGE will be held on January 10, and will feature Minnie Bruce Pratt speaking about writing. 

November Second Sunday With SAGE: 8th Annual Community Celebration. 

2nd Sunday November: 8th Annual Community Celebration




 The event featured host Sarah Whitton, Invocation by Rev. Eric Jackson, Musical Guest Colleen Kattau and the big raffle drawing. 

The October Second Sunday @ SAGE is now available to view. The event featured host Joe Downing, Musical Guest Nick Orth who sang "The Man Who's Not In My Family Tree" and "Waltzing With Bears", Chris and Tim from the Writers Group and Olive Crawford who sang "America The Beautiful" 






2nd Sunday @ SAGE October 2020
Deepening Our Humanity

The "Deepening Our Humanity: Creating An Essential Foundation for Antiracist Work" program offered by Susan White and Roslyn Rasberry is now avaible in video. So, if you missed it on zoom, here it is. After watching, please send your feedback to SAGE Upstate here -- about what our next steps should be in our antiracist work as individuals and as an organization.  

After you watch the video (or if you were there for the Zoom meeting), please complete an evaluation here.

Your feedback will help us move forward with antiracist work. 

The September Second Sunday @ SAGE is now available to view. The video starts with our muscial guest, Jon English. We're still learning! What is missing from the video is the welcome from the hostess with the mostess Barb Genton. You'll still see Barb, hear Jon sing two beautiful songs, hear and see Amy Bartell's talk on her collaborative art project, and view other fun surprises. The entire show is just under a half an hour. Enjoy! 

2nd Sunday @ SAGE September 2020

 Most of our programs are available online or by phone. Check the calendar page for info. 

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