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Cultural Competency Trainings 


Sage Upstate offers educational presentations for service providers and other audiences. The trainings cover:

  • Basic explanation of concepts, such as sexual orientation, gender identity, homophobia

  • Statistics and information about unique challenges faced by LGBTQ seniors

  • A closer look at legal issues relating to LGBTQ seniors

  • Best Practices for providers, including how to create a supportive environment, non-discrimination policies, and connections with LGBT resources

  • Q & A and troubleshooting on specific issues to audience


Each training is tailored to the specific needs of the audience How to schedule a training: contact Kim Dill at Sage Upstate: 

In the Syracuse area, 315-478-1923

Outside the Syracuse area, toll free 866-717-2640

Email Executive Director Kim Dill

This training on cultural competency related to LGBTQ seniors has been offered around the state and locally for various audiences, including Long Term Care Ombudsmen volunteers, representatives of Area Agencies on Aging, students, and organizations.

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For our Building Connections Manual, click here. 

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