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If you are age 70 1/2:
Required minimum distributions (RMDs) must be taken each year beginning with the year you turn 70 1/2. You can transfer a gift from your IRA to charity without it being counted in your income or being taxed. This is called the “qualified charitable distribution” (QCD), more commonly known as the Charitable IRA Rollover.The transfer goes directly from your IRA to charity. Your total annual IRA gift(s) cannot exceed $100,000.
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 See a short video explaining how you can  request birthday donations for SAGE Upstate here

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B-Day  for SAGE

If you love getting those B-Day gifts, this one isn't for you. But, if you have everything you need, why not ask your friends to donate to SAGE Upstate in honor of your birthday? You can do it easily on facebook, or, donations can be sent directly to SAGE. At the end of the year, we'll hold a big birthday bash for everyone who raised donations in this way. 

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