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Allies: We Need YOU!

If you've come to this page as an Ally of older LGBT people -- THANK YOU! Maybe you have a friend or family member who is LGBT, or maybe you are someone younger in the LGBT community. Perhaps you just care about giving people the chance to age in the most postive way possible. Whatever the reason -- we need you and we appreciate your help. Here are some things you can do:

Sign up for our weekly email update here.

It is posted on our website every week with information about things going on at SAGE. 

Come to our events.

Most are open to the community for a small donation. Our events and programs are geared toward creating a supportive environment for older LGBT people, but they are open to all. See what's coming up in the weekly update here or our events page here

Consider a training.

Would your business or organization benefit from a cultural competency training on creating a safe environment for older LGBT people? See information about our trainings here

If you are able to donate, do that here.

Every donation gets us that much closer to reducing isolation among older LGBT people, providing them with tools for healthy aging, and educating providers of aging services. 

LGBT but not SAGE-Aged?

Are you a member of the LGBT community in that age range that is beyond youth programming but not quite "SAGE-aged?" We know there's not a lot out there in the LGBT community for you and we want to fill the gap by offering socials, intergenerational programming, and maybe asking you if you'd like to volunteer to help us. If you want to know more, contact Leslie Lamb at 315-478-1923 or email here

Could we help someone you know?

Do you know of an older LGBT adult who needs our services? Please send them our way. Or call us to see how we can help. Contact Kim Dill at 315-478-1923 or email here

Would you like to know more? Do you have something else to share?

Do you have other ideas? Call Kim at 315-478-1923 or email here. If you'd like to know more about SAGE Upstate, see our board and staff here, directions to our center here, our annual report here, and our history here



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