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SAGE Upstate serves older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) people in Central New York. We try to help elders in our community age in the most healthy way possible, because we find that some struggle to do so. SAGE Upstate creates and nurtures spaces where everyone can have the support they need, because many older LGBT people live in isolation. We also reach out to providers of aging services with strategies for affirming all they serve.

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Here are 8 amazing things that donors made possible last year . . .

1. 300+ program sign-ins each month.  
2. 200 providers of aging services trained. 
3. 100+ enrichment groups, 100+ fitness sessions. 
4. 18 health presentations. 

5. 200 socials. 

6. 50+ monthly at Oswego/Syracuse/Utica potlucks 

7. On average, 37 SAGE Upstate programs a month

8. 1,000 people served

. . . and here's some of the amazing work your 2020 donation will support:

Training for aging service providers across CNY

Monthly Lunch and Learns with Health professionals

40 programs per month in the SAGE Upstate Center

Fitness sessions: falls prevention, walking, tai chi  
Diabetes Prevention Program 
Socials/Enrichment programs for building connections 


Here's what a longtime participant has to say: 

 I have been a part of SAGE Upstate for more than 15 years and in that time have made many friends. I can not overstate how important these contacts are to me. My friends from before SAGE have either passed away or moved away, and I have no family members living in the area. If it were not for SAGE, my life would be very different. I would be very alone. 
     SAGE offers support, social and creative activities and life enriching health and educational opportunities for the elderly. I have seen people come in with problems for which they didn’t know where to begin to turn for help -- spousal abuse, loss of a home, hospitalization, identity theft, and other issues. Many of us fear going through regular channels because of society’s former treatment of the LGBT community. But we are comfortable turning to this organization. SAGE Upstate is an important resource for our community. -Ron B, 77

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We’re asking supporters to consider pledging this year. Perhaps you'd like to consider trying a pledge for 8 months -- March through December. Any and all donations are appreciated -- if  you are able to make a donation, we thank you. Should you need more information, please don’t hesitate to call me at 315-478-1923, or email to Thank you.



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